Kent & Ashton's Flip Fuck

Kent & Ashton's Flip Fuck
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

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At first glance, Ashton might not look like someone that d like getting a hard dick in his ass, but weve definitely learned that he loves to get fucked and looks great doing it! Kent makes sure there's absolutely no doubt in Ashtons mind a hard cock pumping his hole feels incredible!

But Kent drilling Ashton isnt enough for these two, and theyre eager to flip things around to make sure Kent's on the receiving end of some hard cock, as well! Ashton goes from getting his hole pounded to laying back while Kent sits down on his cock to bounce around for awhile.
All of this hot action brings two massive loads out of these studs - Kent spraying his high in to the air while Ashton is balls deep inside him, and Ashton drenching Kent's hole with his own big load!

Kent & Ashton's Flip Fuck
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