Lance Pumps Marc's Hole

Lance Pumps Marc's Hole
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Lance seemed to enjoy his first CF guy/guy experience with Harper so much, we wasted little time getting him paired up with Marc so he could have another go at a guy’s hole. As you can see in the opening seconds of this episode, Lance was eager for the fun here - he and Marc make out with intensity, and that’s a sign of the intensity that carries through this whole episode.These two suck one another like they’ve been desperate to feed on some hard dick for ages, and when Lance gets that thick cock of his buried in Marc, Marc’s wails shake the entire room. Lance is definitely hitting Marc’s spot, and Marc eagerly takes the drilling Lance delivers on his back with legs in the air, as well as doggy style - with Marc’s cock getting harder and harder the more his hole gets fucked.Eventually, Marc can’t help but blow his load while Lance’s cock pumps his ass, and that sends Lance over the top as well!

Lance Pumps Marc's Hole
Tags: Gays
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