Edge of Desire, Part vol.1

Edge of Desire, Part vol.1
Release Year: 2014
Studio: GayHoopla
Cast: Brody James, Max Summerfield, Phillip Anadarko
Genres: Anal Sex, Blowjob, Cumshots, Facial, Group, Masturbation, Muscles, Uncut.

After the guys rubbed the oil all into their bodies, they layed in a circle together as suggested by the witch doctor. Brody James was the first to fall asleep. Brody found himself in the woods being chased and stalked by Phillip Anadarko. His desires to be a sex slave have quite possiblye true. Young Brody was running for his life until Phillip caught him and demanded Brody take his shirt off. This was Brody’s first time with a man and was very nervous. After being to throat fuck Phillip's cock, he was told to swallow the fat load. Sucking his cock clean, Phillip left Brody with the words “Put yer shirt on, I’ll see ya next week”. Body then drifted into a room filled with his horny friends. They were laying on their backs, encircling Brody James. Brody felt pulled onto each cock, giving them a wet and slippery blowjob. After testing every single cock, he decided he liked Max Summerfield the best. As Brody stood over Max ready to go in for a nut, he drifted into the next phase of his dream. Bottoming hard for the aggressive Max. Brody had to blow Max until his cock was rock hard, and able fit in the virgin hole. Brody was getting drilled deep in his ass. Max was pounding it like a piece of meat getting tenderized. Max would dominate Brody in several positions, slapping and choking him. He finally fucked Brody hard enough to explode a monster nut Brody couldn't believe what he was dreaming.
;Edge of Desire" PREVIEW — 6-PART SERIES, starts Sept. 22! —- Part one releases on September 22nd, 2014 at 12:01am US Pacific Time In the midst of All Hallows Eve, six boundless friends burdened with hidden desire, would gather in a mountain villa. The guys were seeking something a little more that weekend. Something umonly unique, far from the beaten path. After debate, a consensus was made to try a Spiritual body oil that Cole acquired from a Native American witch doctor. The boys would lather their bodies with the spiritual catalyst, and lay in ritual circle to feed off one another’s energy. The effects of the topical oil would not take long to seep in. The friends were soon drifting in and out of reality; each one having wildly vivid dreams of their best friends. Dreams that were already primed and waiting within their deepest lusts. All they needed was a little push… -

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Edge of Desire, Part vol.1
Tags: Gays
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