Colt & Jonathan's Morning Wood

Colt & Jonathan's Morning Wood
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

“Hey, Jonathan! Welcome to CF! Now - get that dick inside Colt!”. Jonathan arrived at Corbin Fisher ready and eager for some fun, and we didn’t want to waste any time getting him in to some hot action. As you watch how eagerly he goes down on Colt here, and how much he’s clearly in to Colt’s big and thick cock, it’s apparent we might not have been able to make Jonathan wait even if we’d tried!Jonathan is precisely the kind of guy you want to throw in to some action immediately, as well - handsome, with a big cock and a nicely defined chest covered in just the right amount of hair, he not only looks great but is also insatiably horny, loves to fuck, loves to talk dirty, and knows how to have himself some fun. He can’t get enough of watching his hard cock slide in and out of Colt’s hole, and Colt could not get enough of having this newcomer take charge of him and use his ass. The fucking that leads up to both these guys blowing their loads is hard and fast - flesh pounding flesh, Colt’s whole body bouncing around as Jonathan drills him with a steady rhythm. A hard cock in his hole, Colt’s own cock gets harder and harder until he starts spraying a load every where - all the way up his ripped and smooth chest and completely drenching him. After getting worked over like that, all he then wanted to do was swallow up Jonathan’s load - and it’s a big one at that, as Jonathan was more than ready to feed Colt after that fuck!

Colt & Jonathan's Morning Wood
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