Military Classified - Acevedo II

Military Classified - Acevedo II
Acevedo has returned and this time he's not saying too much and really just wants to get down to business and make some money. Today he's agreed to fuck a guy in the ass for the very first time in his conservative straight military life. Acevedo sports close to a 7 inch thick cut cock with two low hangers that make you wanna drop to your knees. Watch as Acevedo takes charge of some gay ass and fuck it proper. Acevedo came in his uniform this time as he stood there with his dick still sticking out of his pants, I began sucking his cock and within seconds he was hard as a rock. I sat him down and dove into this blowjob more intensely which immediately took the smile off his face and replaced it with this look of amazement as he watched his cock get swallowed by my throat. Next I pulled out a condom and wrapped up his thick 7 incher and took position on top of Acevedo in the seated position and began to slowly sit on his cock. I basically did all the work for Acevedo as he just sat there while I rode his dick reverse cowgirl. I literally began to bounce on his cock driving Acevedo crazy as I took him closer to an orgasm. Next I sat over him and once again sat down on his cock riding him forward this time and now Acevedo was beginning to get into it as he grabbed me by the waist and guided my ass onto his cock. I could tell that I was breaking him down so I dismounted and continued sucking his cock dragging this out even further frustrating Acevedo more. Next I would mount his cock again and fuck it semi-doggie style making my ass a slave to his boner. He began to pant and breathe heavy the harder I bounced on his cock and I could tell the end was near. Knowing it was his first time, I decided to take this boy home the only way I knew would get me the #10 reaction I was looking for so I sat him down and began an intense blowjob that took seconds before Acevedo was warning me that he was about to cum. Suddenly, he began to tense his whole body up, he curled his toes and took his head back and he moaned "I'm about to cum" and exploded a load that landed quite a distance from point of origin. Incredible!

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Military Classified - Acevedo II
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