Drew Unloads

Drew Unloads
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Although surely nervous, the tall, dark, and handsome Drew still manages to look extremely calm and cool during his solo. The 22 year old boasts the lifestyle of a typical man his age: hanging out with friends, hiking, working out, and (of course) constantly jerking off.

He says that everyone has a shy moment, but this is clearly not that moment for him, as he pulls out is long tan cock and begins working it out for our cameras while he watches a video of one of our coeds getting plowed by another CF stud. Knowing Jamie personally, I’m more than confident that, in seeing Drew’s impressively long and well shaped dick, she’d be more than willing to take it for a ride- as would a number of our other CF hotties ; )

For now Drew enjoys the rush of being watched, knowing that as he strokes it to Jamie, someone will be stroking it to him and, with that, another one of his fantasies is fulfilled. Enjoying this first moment on camera Drew focuses on the head and top of his shaft, breath getting heavier, until he blasts out a thick and plentiful load.

Drew Unloads
Tags: Gay Solo
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