ChaosMen - Jordan Easton & Lorenzo

ChaosMen - Jordan Easton & Lorenzo
This marathon is all about extra-butt-stuffing, so I called in some pros to help bring on the extra serving of meat!

Both Jordan Easton and Lorenzo are versatile, but Jordan said getting fucked was 'easiest' for him. That made Lorenzo happy as he wanted to have another 'Top Only' video under his belt. I have lost track, but according to him, it has happened only one other time.

Jordan smelled especially nice and musky, so Lorenzo had to get some armpit worship in. Pit lickers will be happy!

There is some real hot chemistry between these two hot Latin dudes, so you will want watch every moment of this one!

Not sure what Lorenzo has been eating, but I don't think I have seen him cum so much before! Wow!

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ChaosMen - Jordan Easton & Lorenzo
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