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Espen had just turned 18 the month before, and he was eager to start doing porn right away. he doesn't strike me as super horny guy trying to fuck everyone around him. i think he thought of it as his summer job before college starts, and he marked his sexual orientation as 'curious'. i also thought that since he had a big dick, that was another reason he wanted to get into adult video. but on his application, he thought his cock was 5.5 long so he actually wasn't one of those guys that thought, fuck ya! i have a big dick, of course i am going to do porn! even based on his submission photos, i knew had seriously misjudged. this makes me happy, because i know i will have good news for them once we do an official measure. on our first round of photos, he fired-up his cock and got decently hard. it was nearly 8 long. he was shocked! he was just happy and amazed, and literally had no idea. this excited him further, and i could just tell his cock was getting even bigger throughout the

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