Red Hot Straight Boys - James - James' Interview

Red Hot Straight Boys - James - James' Interview
James is bi and 20 years old with a great ass. He is primarily attracted to women. He has had sex with 13 women and sexual contact with only two guys, and he keeps that very quiet. James does not tell people he is bi. All but a few of those who know him, including all of the women he's slept with, believe James is straight. Like our other model, Dylan, James instantly rates himself a 10 out 10 in terms of his physical appearance. James considered whether he'd do videos for us several weeks before finally agreeing. He says it was a difficult decision owing to how doing the videos would affect his "manhood." Tom thinks he is referring to the fact that the videos could out him as bi. James has an extensive history of physical discipline that he will discuss that in a separate video. Suffice it to say that there was frequent physical discipline in his home.
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Red Hot Straight Boys - James - James' Interview
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