YoungPerps - Case 1901053-71 (1080p)

YoungPerps - Case 1901053-71 (1080p)
January 15th, 2019. 4:34 pm. public indecency. 18 year old asian male, 5”7’ is apprehended after several customers complained of strange noises coming from the bathroom stall. our loss prevention officer attempts to get the perp to admit to masturbating in public, but the suspect claims that the noises were produced by his phone. upon returning to the office to process the perp’s release, our loss prevention officer catches the boy pleasuring himself again. caught in the act, the perp attempts to make a deal in order to avoid legal prosecution. he and the officer are able to reach an agreement that satisfies both of their needs, and they boy is subsequently let go without any further law enforcement involvement.
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YoungPerps - Case 1901053-71 (1080p)
Tags: Gays
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