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Studio: Spritzz

Jan is at his computer surfing sex stories on spritzz. Hes naked except for a pair of shorts that he rubs his hardening cock through while visualizing the scenes in his head.
A couple of guys are on a beach and, after a little kissing in the water, decide to move the action behind a wood pile. The cover guy [Brice Farmer] is in this scene and is quite handsome. The sucking, fucking, rimming and fingering are good, as are the shots underneath them as the cover guy fucks the blondes ass. The blonde jacks a several big spurts while getting fucked.
In between each scene we get a minute or so of Jan whacking it at the computer and clicking on the next story.
Three punk boys are hanging around in an attic-like room. Even if youre not particularly into the punk look, its still a very hot, erotic scene. One of the guys talks another into letting him take some cock pictures with a new camera, and it goes from there. The cocks are big and shaved. They all seem relaxed and comfortable, allowing the action to play itself out instead of rushing through the positions. There is some spitting on faces and cocks, then licked off. The fucking and sucking are quite good in this nearly half-hour scene.
A newspaper intern gets his big break interviewing porn star Darian Hawke. Darian soon has enough of the questioning and starts kissing the guy before removing his shirt and sucking on his pierced nipples. Darian deep throats the guys Prince Albert. Theres lots of spit kissing. After some rimming and finger fucking , the smaller built Darian bends the interviewer over a chair and aggressively fucks his man hole. The rookie then sits above the porn stars cock and gets jack hammered while furiously stroking his rod. He explodes in Darians mouth, and Darian super soaks the guys chest with several big streams of hot jizz.
A graffiti punk is caught spraying a wall (with paint) by a couple of construction workers. One goes off to call the cops while the other watches the boy. They start eyeing each other before the construction dude walks over, and they start tongue kissing. After some sucking, the worker fingers and rims the punks smooth, tight hole. The construction guy shoves his big cock in the boys ass before it all ends with each jacking onto the other.
The last big scene has a super cute twink looking to rent another guys apartment. Luckily the guys live-in boyfriend is there, too, and only wearing a towel. Theres some sucking before the two guys are bent over the couch taking turns getting fucked by the prospective renter. Something Ive not seen before: the two current renters hold a sneaker over the others nose and mouth while getting fucked. It reminded me of Dennis Hopper in Blue Velvet. Theres a nice shot of the new boys hot ass pumping one of the guys from behind. All have hot, spurting orgasms.
Finally, a quick shot of Jan, the computer guy, pointing his cock at the camera and coating the lens.

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Dot Com
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