Red Hot Straight Boys - Owen - Owen's Interview

Red Hot Straight Boys - Owen - Owen's Interview
Owen is a very hot 19-year-old straight frat boy. In addition to being an exceptionally nice and polite young man, Owen has a great body and an amazing face. He knows he's good-looking, but he is not cocky or conceited. Owen has had sex with over 50 women and prides himself on having made all of them squirt (a fact he makes sure is included in this interview). Although he loves the way he looks and is definitely hung, Owen also wants everyone to know that he is a grower and not a shower. The one thing he'd like to change about his body is for his dick to look bigger soft (though we think it looks great just as it is). Owen was the only male on his high school's cheerleading squad, which was, he says, a great position to be in as far as getting girls goes. He's had two threesomes and the sexual achievement he most aspires to having is a foursome.We hope you'll agree that Owen is quite a find. We intend to do as many videos with him as he'll agree to.
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Red Hot Straight Boys - Owen - Owen's Interview
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