Elder Haddock and Elder Hardt workover

Elder Haddock and Elder Hardt workover
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It seems like just days ago that Elder Hardt was first brought to the mission home. His time as an AP has been productive. Hes brought scores of other young missionaries to the brethren to be evaluated, and several dozen have been ordained.

A few weeks ago Elder Hardt told me about a missionary that he saw, and liked, in the Churchs "Database of New Missionaries."

A special subset within this group are those who go through their temple initiatories with Patriarch Smith. Many of those young men are marked for later field recruitment and reassigned to missions with ties to The Order.

Apparently Elder Haddock had originally been called to serve abroad in the UK, but a special request from Elder Hardt had the young man reassigned to Hardts mission area.

"I couldnt resist. When I saw the pictures of Elder Haddock in the database, and read what Patriarch Smith wrote about what he was packing, I really wanted him in my area."

Elder Hardts fascination with Elder Haddocks huge manhood paid off, of course. As a greenie, Elder Haddock was assigned to Hardts district. His assigned trainer is a previous recruit, Elder Gonzales.

With a wicked grin Elder Hardt told me what he had clearly been fantasizing about for some time, "Im sure Ill get both of them naked, and the three of us will have some fun together."

In the near term, Elder Hardt is breaking Elder Haddock in by spending some one on one time with him on splits…getting lots of one on one time with that huge piece of meat bouncing around in Elder Haddocks garment bottoms.

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Elder Haddock and Elder Hardt workover
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