Brandon fucks Viktor's asshole (1080p)

Brandon fucks Viktor's asshole (1080p)
Cast: Brandon
Genres: condom, tattoos, cum from fucking

Taking care of Brandon morning wood was my mission that day, and I think I took pretty well care of that

After I serviced him for the first time, this sexy slim Beefcake never guaranteed me that he would return for the fuck scene. But here he is, trying his first ass, because he said that he hasn’t fucked not even girls in the ass, only here at BeefCakeHunter Land, the Land of the Equal Opportunities and Freedom to enjoy.

When he arrived very early at the morning at my hotel, he looked very decisive about the whole thing. I was thinking that it was going to be a lot of work getting this virgin to plug my back door, but all those worries disappeared from my mind, when I got on my knees and I discover that Beefcake Brandon morning wood was so good! Wow!

My inspiration went to the roof, and I serviced those cock and balls like there was no another day. I could tell without any doubts that Brandon has one of the more expressive faces here at BeefCake Hunter, he is so cute! Carried on by my desire to please him, knowing that at Brandon’s age those morning woods overwhelm you. I ventured to kiss and bite a little his nipples and armpits, for those Hunters who love that, this session is a most! Beefcake Brandon reactions are priceless…

Then when the time was just right to get on my fours and let him pound me to his own pace, he just looked like he has done this before, I believe he is just a natural ass fucker from now on. You may think that a seasoned Hunter like me, after having been taking bigger cocks may not enjoy this fuck much, wrong! Brandon’s cock hardness is the key ingredient for a delicious anal session, and I could feel his young energy all over me!

For being his first time I think his timing is fair, I was a very satisfied bottom, and that warm feeling of his sperm all over my butt was the cherry on top! Like I said to him, if this was for real his first time, he did a great job! I hope you guys enjoy this video Brandon morning wood!
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Brandon fucks Viktor's asshole (1080p)
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