Red Hot Straight Boys - Dylan - Defiling Dylan

Red Hot Straight Boys - Dylan - Defiling Dylan
Tom will always be amazed that Dylan agreed to this video. It features the first time Dylan, age 21, has had anything in his ass or engaged in any type of ass play. Tom's negotiations with Dylan have always been somewhat adversarial. Dylan likes the money that the videos bring, but is extremely reluctant to do anything that involves physical contact with a man. The gayer the activity, the more opposed to it Dylan is. Doing his solo video (Dylan Fucks the Sex Toy) was an easy choice, but he has only very reluctantly agreed to subsequent videos. His spanking videos (for our site, SpankingStraightBoys) were hard to negotiate. His massage and edging video was even more difficult, and this video more difficult still. Instead of ass play, Tom started out offering Dylan a video in which Tom would blow him, but Dylan refused. Tom then offered him this ass play video as the only other alternative, certain that Dylan would rather receive a blowjob than have anything put up his ass. Tom was wrong. Dylan chose to lose his ass virginity instead. Why? Tom asked him that (only after the video was done so as not to suggest to Dylan that his choice was a bad or unusual one), and Dylan drew an analogy to his views on getting with women. Dylan said that going down on a girl is getting further with her than just fingering her. So Dylan views himself as the girl in that sense, and he'd rather only let Tom (or any man) get as far as fingering him. While one can kind of understand Dylan's reasoning, all of Tom's straight friends are astounded by Dylan's choice. Every last one of them, if they had to choose, would much rather get blown by a man than have anything up their asses. As for Dylan, he certainly didn't enjoy getting fucked with the vibrator. After the video he told me that he'd rather get punched in the face by Chuck Liddell than take anything up his ass again.
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Red Hot Straight Boys - Dylan - Defiling Dylan
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