YoungPerps - Case No. 1901052-64 720p

YoungPerps - Case No. 1901052-64 720p
January 4th, 2019. 10:10 AM. Petty Theft. 19 Year Old White Male, 5”3’ is caught on camera shoplifting with a group of young adolescents. After reviewing the video footage to confirm that he has detained the correct perp, the Loss Prevention Officer launches into a strip search. The perp tries to conceal his identity, but the officer recognizes him as the kid who used to fuck his . This leads the perp to properly identify himself and attempt to make a deal in order to avoid local law involvement. The officer proceeds to use his own discretion to make sure proper theft protocol is upheld.

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Duration: 31:29
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YoungPerps - Case No. 1901052-64 720p
Tags: Gays
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