Shotacon - part 3

Shotacon - part 3
Release Year: 2016
Studio: Acceed
Genres: Asian, Anal / Oral Sex, 69, Blowjob, Cumshots, Fingering, Flip-Flop, Handjob, Masturbation, Rimming, Solo, Toys, Teens

Acceed Anniversary work! A dream full of shoda shota world is lifted!
Shotaku full of various shota full!
Shotakko who got to know the pleasure of sexuality that shaved pink okinawa becomes big!
Why do not you adventure the world of dreams with 120% degree of freeness for Shota lovers?
?A secret photo session of me and the teacher?
Asamaa boy in a school bag!
Asahi-kun who goes on following an adult "Come to play with me at my house"!
Pure innocent Asahi is filmed by an adult person with a camera, and it is made to appear as a brief in the stream! In a school bag
Adult demonic hand creeps up to you asahi of brief appearance, d I will do such a thing like this d
?A big discovery! I knew the pleasure of sexuality?
Denpaku boy's ! I found a manga in my 's room! That manga was a horny manga seen by an adult person!
I will do various things with reference to that comic book!
Bread is banging with big pencil! When the brief is taken off, the shaved bread shaved d
Interested in horny manga Tachibana you "Does your always do this?"
You know the joy of sex You tell your friends!
?Things that are pleasant to be together?
Later you invite your friend Kazuki to stay at school!
"If you come to stay, you will teach amazing things!" Kazuki told you "Tell me now!" And ask for you!
I will tell you only a little in the school's classroom, and Kazuki will also know the sexual pleasure!
Kazuki who came to stay at your house after school!
In the bathroom and the room, I will do horny things I could not do in the classroom!
?Older 's master's volume?
Mr. Takumi to play games while standing in bed! To wear a cosplay with your sweet talk of your !
More sweet story Takumi Tsukasa wearing a shiny shota cosplay You are doing various things to your older ,
"My husband is bad" "My husband ~ I'm broken!" I am cranky while crying!
? !! My bad news volume
Crows who came to talk with your 's room in a troubled face in the form of a blazer after school!
"A strange liquid came out from my baby yesterday night!"
On the other hand, said, "It is proof of adults! There are many things to do if you become an adult"
who plays horny prank on a crowd!
"Do you feel your , adults are so pleasant like this?"
Pure but horny cute Shotakko direct attacks on your heart!
To celebrate Acceed anniversary, finally lifting the ban! Enjoy forbidden Shota world!

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Shotacon - part 3
Tags: Gay Asian
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