Red Hot Straight Boys - Alec - Alec Blows Chad

Red Hot Straight Boys - Alec - Alec Blows Chad
This video marks a first for Red Hot Straight Boys. In it we have paired two of our models, Alec and Chad, for what ended up being a very long blowjob. Alec is bi and a USMC combat veteran. Chad is a straight college student. Tom already gave Chad a blowjob in "Chad's Surprise Blowjob." That blowjob went much faster, and in many ways better, than this one. Tom has always suspected that things would go much differently if he paired two of the boys together. Why? First, there are three people present for this video, instead of just Tom and a straight boy, which is bound to make a straight guy more self-conscious. Second, the blowjob is from a hot young guy of similar age and looks, which is a totally different experience. Third, the boy giving the blowjob gets naked. It might make a straight boy concerned that it would tend to make him look "more gay" if the blowjob is from a naked, hot guy. Alec has given more than a few blowjobs, and he goes at the task before him (sucking off a straight boy) with gusto. Chad is uncomfortable and nervous, but it is obvious at several points that he is enjoying the blowjob, reacting especially well to some of Alec's techniques. This isn't some wimpy blowjob from your reluctant girlfriend, Chad. This a guy who likes sucking dick and is out to prove he's good at it! This video was originally an hour in length. We've edited it at several points to make it a manageable length. In doing so, we've left everything interesting in, and only removed action that was repetitive. Most of what we've removed was Alec trying to get Chad hard again after Chad lost his erection. What remains is a great video that shows just how a straight boy reacts to a blowjob from another hot, young guy. Is it a success? Does Alec get Chad off, or does Chad have to resort to jerking off to cum? Watch and see.
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Red Hot Straight Boys - Alec - Alec Blows Chad
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