I Want Him - Blake Jordan, Kory Houston

I Want Him - Blake Jordan, Kory Houston
Studio: Bait Buddies

Sexy, cute and straight, 23 year old Texan, Kory, with his hot body, big dick and man butt was just here about a month ago with his gay buddy Peter. Peter is a fan of BaitBuddies and when his bud Kory, a financially struggling college student in Florida with a minimum wage job, told him he needed help with cash, he took advantage of Carusos offer to help gay guys get into their straight friends pants. It was a win, win, win, win situation. Kory gets cash, Peter gets Kory, Caruso gets a fucking hot video and you get to watch it all go down! So, if you havent seen that video yet, go check it out.
Now that you know the back story Kory returns once again! So, heres how it plays out. Blake, a Florida acquaintance of Kory - they have a couple of the same classes - found Korys video on BaitBuddies. He was really surprised, especially seeing Kory around campus with his girlfriend, he couldnt imagine him doing porn - with another dude. At the same time, it turns out that Blake is friends with Peter - and he couldnt wait to get a hold of Peter and ask him how to get in on this deal - he was really hot for Korys cock - he even tells Caruso during the interview, right in front of Kory I want him. So, with Peters help and Kory always being in need of money, it wasnt long before the two were sitting on the couch in front of Carusos camera. But, this time will be a little different as Kory, a butthole virgin, has to agree to get fucked! So, Caruso just tells the boys to get to it. We are a little surprised at how aggressive Kory is, certainly not nervous like his first time. They go right into a make out session with plenty of tongue slurping and probing as they began to undress each other. Kory is a sight to see in his trunk briefs with his man butt - his new buddy Blake is no slouch in the butt department either. At 22 years old, Blake is a blond hair, blue eyed hottie has a fit body and hot bubble butt. And boy does he love blowing Kory - the passion with which he sucks the straight boys cock is extraordinary. When its time to switch, Kory pulls off Blakes underwear and he says how the hell do I get the guys with huge ass dicks, referring to the dudes thick 8.5 cock, and his prior Bait boy, Peters, 10 incher. But, Kory seems to be a bit turned on and goes at Blakes major piece of man meat with gusto. This cant be your first time Blake says to Kory about his enthusiastic cocksucking. Kory takes the big dick out of his mouth just long enough to say its only his second one. Caruso has the two studs stand up and compare cocks and they take the opportunity from some frot, rubbing their two big, rock hard cocks together as they start to make out again. You cant tell us that Kory isnt 100% into it. Next its time to fuck and Kory says out loud this isnt a good idea, but hes selected to go first. Initially he tries a sitting position and finally does get Blakes fat cock inside his virgin butthole, but says he cant move. Blake says I can help you with that, to which Kory emphatically replies do not move. Blake doesnt listen and starts pumping, Kory yells out stop moving or Ill rip your balls off. Well, obviously this position isnt working, so Kory volunteers to try it on his back. Blake is happy to oblige as he gets on top and slowly inserts the entire length of his cock into Korys, straight, cherry asshole. Its a real tight fit and Blake starts pumping again, but it all proves to be too much for Kory, so they decide to flip flop. Kory is now in a position hes used to, and starts fucking Blake like he fucks his girls pussy (and Blake loves that idea). Blake is so heated up from sex with Kory that he cant hold back too long and pops a big load all over himself. Not wasting a second Kory jacks a thick load onto Blakes belly. This is one hot scene! Dont miss the conversation in After the Shoot.

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I Want Him - Blake Jordan, Kory Houston
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