Wet Load

Wet Load
Studio: Jocks Studios

One of the best overall Falcon casts in years.1. Glenn McAllister lathers up in the showermethodically soaping his tight chiseled form. His hands move lower and as he cleans his cock it stiffens and stretches. All cleaned up Glenn feels the need to pump out a load and start the day right. He works his cock harder and harder, turns off the shower and pumps rhythmically until thick pearly ropes of cum spew from his engorged cock-head.2. Leo Masters and Erik Houston are locked in a tight embrace. They kiss and caress each otherenjoying their smooth tanned tight forms. Leo wanders down Eriks chest and sucks his cock, taking it deep into his throat as Erik puts his hands on Leos headguiding his deep suck. Leo turns around and Erik rims his tight hole. Lovingly licking and nibbling itthen working it with his fingersopening Leo up for his massive cock. Erik fucks Leo with abandonpumping his hole hard and fast until the two studs are so worked up they lose their loads. In the afterglow, they kiss passionately, ending the scene.3. Glenn McAllisters impressively toned body and awesome would drive any guy crazy and he targets Danny Bliss to show him he means business. He brings Danny to bed then slowly and slyly slips out of his skin-tight jeans to expose his magnificent cock. Danny lunges for it opening wide so the slab of meat fills his mouth. He sucks on the tasty specimen of manhood, going faster and faster with every hungry slurp. Glenn throws Danny down on his back and rams his cock inside his asshole. Each thrust is delivered so hard that Danny feels like hes gonna split, but he just growls his consent; neither man wants the fucking to stop until they both shoot their loads.4. Michael Brawn steps out of the shower, all wet and horny, his dick already stiff and rarin to go. He jumps atop Phil Bradley and presses his naked flesh tightly against him. The men gyrate and rub on each other before Michael begins to savagely rim Phils ass, his wet tongue probing the tight sphincter. Once he finishes priming Phils clenched hole, Michael shoves his cock inside and like a well-tuned machine, he piston-fucks his buddy. Then he carefully slides a dildo up Phils butt and twists it in and out and all about, driving both of them to the heights of pleasure where they finish by shooting showers of cum.5. Bo Summers spies Glenn McAllister and all he sees is muscles and the huge bulge in his levis. Stripped down, their bodies quickly mesh and Bos mouth explores every inch of Glenns imposing physique. Biting, sucking, licking they tear into one another like wild savages. Bo plows his rigid dick inside Glenns manhole and pounds him fast. Then Glenn overpowers his pal and screws him up the ass. Their naked flesh glistens with sweat as they carry on with reckless abandon until they finally cum, spurting thick pearly ropes all about.6. Michael Brawn pops a porno into the video machine and there they are -- B.J. Slater and Alec Campbell, two big-dicked studs who know how to wield their meaty swords! Michael strokes himself excitedly as he watches the sex-crazed duo suck cock, eat ass and fuck like madmen working each other over every which way. The action is too intense, too insane and Michael is with them all the way beating his meat until he finally signs his lusty approval with thick spurts of cum that leave him exhausted and out of breath.

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Wet Load
Tags: Gay Retro
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