Morning Garbage Disposal Ended With Sex For A Neighbor

Morning Garbage Disposal Ended With Sex For A Neighbor
Release Year: 2017
Cast: Azumi Nakama
Video language: Japanese

In Japan there is a very strict and unusual (for us Europeans) the act of sorting, dividing and rules of waste disposal from your home. If the sorting of garbage does not surprise us (plastic - separately, food waste separately, and glass separately, etc.), how do You like this state of things, when in addition to the sorting and separation of garbage, or that his view may be disposed only on a certain day of the week? For example: glass waste - on Tuesday, food on Wednesday and Saturday, electronics and paper - Friday? So Japan has long practiced a similar culture about recycling. Moreover, for each type of waste there are special packages of a certain color and volume make it easier to distinguish the dregs of what type is in them.
That everything was graded properly, keep working, serving the garbage truck. Machine garbage collection comes at a certain time. By this time the inhabitants carried their bags, and since they are transparent, scavengers are able to trace the truth of sorted waste. If there are violations, the packets are not accepted. The garbage truck not only comes at certain hours, but on certain days. Each type of waste is deposited exactly at the appointed day of the week, which is set by the municipality. If you make, say, Tuesday plastic trash, you simply will not accept. And if quietly try to leave packages at musorovozki — put up a huge fine the whole housing cooperative.
This circumstance of separate disposal of garbage (Japanese feature) is the main cause complication present history, which played a key role in the fate of bolshegrudaya the main character, which will be discussed in this film.
Azumi is a young and beautiful woman living in one of the typical tenements of Japan. She is approximately 25-30 years, but by some strange coincidence, the Azumi is not burdened with a family. She even has a boyfriend. Despite this, Azumi terrible fashionista and all of her items of clothing (short skirts, plunging necklines, heels) say that their owner is actively looking for his men. Almost every morning starts the same way: Azumi carefully and tenderly sorts the trash as the garbage truck also comes in the morning. One of these days, the main character drew the attention of the neighbor boy, whose young hostess began to line up ambitious, bordering on lust, immorality, Vice and dishonor. But a neighbor is hard to blame the vulgar feelings. After all, not everyone is going to think about fishing or carbs, when right before my eyes, in a short skirt, from which one can see panties and a t-shirt with a deep neckline, which clumsily hides two arbutamine roundness - squat sits and sorts the debris by a pretty lady. Then, when the main character will carry the waste to the garbage truck arrived, a neighbor under the pretext of assistance to transfer to the car of heavy bags with all the debris in her apartment and using the hitch and the absence of the mistress in the corridor, locks the door to the street below when Azumi gets back from the main room back freely to pounce on her, having finally conceived and desired by.

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