Jayde Symz & Gracie May Green - Power Loss

Jayde Symz & Gracie May Green - Power Loss
Release Year: 2019
Video language: English

Thank you so much for coming over,” Jayde said as she lit one of the candles Holden had brought for them.
“We were so worried when the power went out” added Gracie as she guided him to their sofa. The power had only been out for about ten minutes when Holden heard the knock on his door where his gorgeous new neighbors awaited him in need.
“Please stay,” Jayde pleaded as she spread out on the sectional next to him, her tight little ass wiggling in the air behind her, “Just until the power comes back on?” Holden’s heart pounded in his chest, he knew he should go, his wife wouldn’t think this was terribly appropriate but he was enjoying the attention. Something about the way they treated him, it just made him feelpowerful.

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Jayde Symz & Gracie May Green - Power Loss
Tags: 2019
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