Dragon - Highway 9 (2011)

Dragon - Highway 9 (2011)
Vinnie D'Angelo is a trucker who has had to stay in many motels in rural America. Being a trucker, according to the Gay Porn Rule Book, he has to pick up a hitchhiker, Gavin Waters. Gavin tells Vinnie about a trick he picked up the night before who ended up stealing his wallet, "an awfully big price to pay for some ass," Vinnie notes in voiceover. Muscular and delicious, Gavin stands at the entrance to the bathroom while blond lip-smacking Phillip pulls out his own dick. They both stroke themselves until Gavin moves to the bed and they kiss. Gavin sucks Phillip quite pleasingly. They get into a 69 where Phillip deep throats Gavin. Phillip has his chance to do Gavin solo and takes advantage with a ripping exciting suckjob. Gavin stands up against the wall, and Phillip stretches his neck to rim Gavin. It's easier when Gavin is on all fours and Phillip can really enjoy it this way. With Gavin in prime position, Phillip slides in his cock. Phillip looks on the underfed size, but don't let that fool you, as he still has his usual pushy power. He slams at Gavin with a lot of energy. Their best position has Gavin on his back where the two can kiss and where Phillip can go at Gavin from some interesting angles. The highlight of the scene arrives when Phillip rides Gavin, rippling his body back and forth and up and down all at the same time. It's a towering bottoming performance, both backwards and forwards. Phillip cums doing all of that sexy riding and then bites at Gavin's nipples to get Gavin to finish.
After dropping off Gavin, Vinnie tells us about a repeat sex buddy he visits every time he goes through that town. Rather than talk about it, we get to see it. Ben Stone has a very hairy chest and is sitting in a chair enjoying heavy-set Vinnie's blowjob. Vinnie has also invited a third to join them, Garth Brooks. Vinnie deep throats Ben with loads of talent, gulping at the huge veiny cock like a real pro. When Garth joins, he fits in easily, getting on his knees to suck both Vinnie and Ben. The big bearded Garth is a terrific sucker with a lot of style, having so much fun. He goes from dick to dick with his ferocious mouth for a while until Vinnie has Ben stand on the bed so they can have a blowjob chain. Garth is still in the middle a few moments later, sucking Ben while Vinnie gives him a brief rimming, a fingering and then fucks him. Vinnie knows he has full access to Garth's ass, so he gives him a wild bed-shaking pounding. It's huge, but Ben cock always stays lodged in Garth's mouth. Garth flips over onto his back so Ben can nail him. Ben is less flashy, but he digs into Garth as deeply as possible. Garth cums on himself, Ben on Vinnie's tongue and chest and Vinnie's splash makes it three.
According to information Gavin imparted. Vinnie heads to a motel where he can find many "blue collar" guys all waiting for se. As Vinnie hurries over, he's rewarded with the one and only Arpad Miklos, the biggest and most strapping of all the porn he-men. Vinnie can't believe his luck, going into a room and seeing the splendor of Arpad sitting in a chair nursing his insanely big boner. It's Arpad who sucks Vinnie first, which is a rarity as Arpad isn't known as a cocksucker. He actually does it beautifully, taking Vinnie whole. Then it's Vinnie's turn to slobber all over Arpad's incredible uncut meat and he has a whale of a time doing it. Arpad him to take it whole. The guys take turns sucking for a while and even 69, something else I never thought I would see Arpad ever do! What I do expect to see is Arpad fucking Vinnie and soon enough, Arpad is doing Vinnie doggie style. I love watching Arpad top because you can see every muscle in the lower half of his body working to plunge deeply and almost effortless. He is a top of tops, and always invigorates a scene with his brutal insistence. There is no position that slows Arpad down, and when he gets Vinnie on his back, they even make out a little, somewhat incongruously given the speed and ferocity of the fuck going on lower down Vinnie's body. Arpad has a mighty cum blast and then sinks his cock into Vinnie's mouth so his bottom can pop off.

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Dragon - Highway 9 (2011)
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