Randy Blue - Kevin Falk

Randy Blue - Kevin Falk
Imagine you are sitting outside at a sidewalk cafe. You're talking to your friends about whatever but then a guy off in the distance catches your eye. He looks great from far away but as he draws nearer he only gets more beautiful. He had been jogging but is now cooling down and walking slowlly down the sidewalk, a light sheen of sweat making his shirtless torso shine in the sunlight. You can easily make out the sculpted pecs, washboard abs and muscular arms. Looking down you can't miss his muscular legs, flexing with every step. And through his too tight jogging shorts you can see a buldge straining against the material that's so huge you can just about make out the shape of his cockhead. You just can't take your eyes off of it and you wonder what's keeping it from poking out of the bottom of one of the legs as it sits mere inches from the hem, each step seemingly edging it closer and closer to exposure. This was my first glimpse of Kevin Falk. Lucky for me he stopped at the cafe I was sitting at to get a cup of water at the very moment I needed a refill on my iced tea after I 'accidentally' spilled mine on the ground, of couse. I introduced myself and when I told him who I was he said he had been in contact with me about modelling. I hadn't seen his message yet but as soon as I got back to the office I checked that morning's emails and there he was. His picture proved what his bludge only hinted at, this guy's cock could choke a ! Ruggedly handsome face, beautifully sculpted body, enormous dick and a cumshot like an erupting volcano. I'm thrilled to bring you Kevin Falk's first shoot with Randy Blue.
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Randy Blue - Kevin Falk
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