ukhj - Sportz (Rico Fatale & Josh Moore)

ukhj - Sportz (Rico Fatale & Josh Moore)
Lets immediately get into the hard stuff, amour up, lock heads push those feet into the floor. If it isn’t rough it isn’t fun, am I right? Rico Fatale and Josh Moore stand in matching great, American football shoulder pads and extremely tight padded pants, both guys butts are looking spectacular in them! No messing around, the point of the pads is for something to hang onto and so they can be as rough with each other as possible, testing them out they each give each other a good chest punching which starts to get the boys hard. Their big cocks bulging to one side of the pants, reaching all the way around to their hips! They play with their boners through the fabric rubbing them against each other in a seriously horny display of foreplay. They grab each other and kiss hard, grabbing arses and snogging deep. Rico drops to his knees and peels Josh’s absolutely massive cock out of his shorts, hanging long and hard at over 9” it’s more than a mouthful! Rico gets to work and even deep throats the monster, much to Josh’s surprise! I bet he doesn’t find guys with talented throats like that very often! Getting down to the floor Josh bends over and gets his mouth around Rico’s equally huge dick, slobbering and spitting all over it. Rico take the chance to face fuck him from the floor until he can’t take it anymore! Pants off, Rico bends over, sticks his arse in the air ready for Josh’s warm tongue. He pulls his cheeks apart, spits then dives right in there, getting his hole wet and ready for what’s about to come. Squaring up behind him, Josh pushes his enormous cock against his hole and works his way in… you though Rico was a loud boy before this? You haven’t seen anything yet! Josh grabs him by the pads, smacking them intermittently and thrusting deep into his fuck hole, Rico is loving every second and every inch of this! He takes a turn of backing up onto him, twerking his arse on Josh’s hard cock, his juicy butt bouncing with each shake and thrust. Rico climbs on top to ride him backwards, Josh’s huge dick stretching his tight hole. Swapping between bouncing up and down on him and raising himself up to let Josh power fuck him at like 6 reps per second! I can’t tell at which point Rico is making more noise! Impressive stuff. Grand finale, Rico lays back on his shoulders and Josh towers over him, this is a pile drive fuck of epic proportions. Thrusting straight down into his willing hole, Rico screams with pleasure! It’s all to much for Rico and he shoots a massive load vertically all over his own face… I think the obvious plan is for Josh to add to the lovely sticky mess, which he does! Double face-full!

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ukhj - Sportz (Rico Fatale & Josh Moore)
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