Wild Attraction, Part 1

Wild Attraction, Part 1
Studio: Sarava Productions

Maikel starts going down on Scott and his cellphone rings, Maikel doesn't miss a beat getting down on Scott's enormous cock, even though it's his boyfriend on the phone. Scott's perfectly formed, perfectly hairy chest is awesome here, and so is Maikel's bad-boy expression as he downs Scott's dick. After Scott does the same for Maikel, he bends over and exposes his winking asshole, which Maikel licks and fingers before he fucks Scott down with his own hot cock. This amazingly sexy fuck ends with a very loud, very wet cum-shot from Maikel. And oops, the two are caught in the act at the end.

In the next chapter, "The Gift," Alex Brinsky and Rob Nelson are playing a game of one-on-one (the basketball kind) when hottie Sergio Serrano joins them and makes it a threesome. The three studs get naked together and kiss, lick nipples, and more, with Sergio taking the lead. Sergio gets both other studs on all-fours so he can tease their side-by-side assholes, and then the fucking begins. There is an intense fucking here, with Sergio pounding Rob while Alex gets a mouthful of Rob's load. Sergio blasts off on Rob's ass at the end. While the cum dries, Rob gives Sergio an interesting fit that comes into play later.

Meanwhile, Scott's boyfriend, Pau Casseras, has a nifty little surprise for Maikel, in the form of a homemade porn video starring himself and brawny Tomas Friedel. Pau's smooth, perfect physique is absolutely gorgeous, and Tomas is a nice he-man complement to Pau's pretty-boy good looks. The passionate scene has the two sucking each other and then Pau eating out Tomas' ass, and then Tomas fucking the hell out of Pau's sexy ass. After both spill their loads, Pau looks into the camera he has hidden in the room with a knowing "gotcha" glance. It all works out for everyone in the end, as we see later.

Back to the "gift" which Sergio received -- which is a dildo mold so that he can feel what it's like to be fucked with his own dick. Alex and Rob use the homemade cock to fuck Sergio's ass, using Rob's spit as extra lube. While he's being self-fucked, Sergio sucks Alex's uncut cock. Rob uses his own cock on Sergio, too. In the end, as Sergio sits on his dildo, the other two studs unload in his mouth one at a time.

Pau, Maikel, Scott and Tomas then hook up to resolve their differences -- which in this case means, a hot four-way. All of these men are scrumptious, hung, beautiful bodies, and sexy as hell. It starts with a huge suckfest, and Tomas delivers a fast facial to Scott, whose mouth and tongue are dripping with his load at the end. Scott licks it up and then cleans off Tomas' cock to perfection. Then, Scott shoots a load on Pau's dick and licks up his own load, followed quickly by Maikel doing the same to Tomas' cock. This is, without a doubt, one of the hottest all-oral scenes ever.

Back to "The Gift," next -- and this time, Rob sits on Alex's dick and rides it, impaling his muscle ass on Alex as Alex lies back and watches. Sergio shows up and makes it a double-penetration scene, and Rob takes both cocks like it's nothing, his sexy ass reamed out beautifully. There is so much cum spilled at the end of this scene -- it's like a fountain from each guy when each shoots. Te end leads into "Wild Attraction: Part 2," a real teaser for what's to come.

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Wild Attraction, Part 1
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