Happy Day

Happy Day
Studio: Dick Dorm

Turning a straight guy gay is pretty much every gay guys dream, Dont lie. I know thats half the rea you are here too. When I got this submission I nearly fell off my chair. I have to tell you, after seeing this one, I watched the whoooooole thing twice. This kid is hot. Great face and a great body. I definitely get the straight vibe from him the minute I first see him. His sneaky little chick friend has a trick up her sleeve. Her best friend confides in her that he might want to try something with a guy. With this information what best girl friend wouldnt run out, gather some hot gay guys she knows, throw a birthday party, and get you super , blindfold you, and then sick some guys on you for your very first time. Come to think of it, I need a new best girl friend. Enjoy the show. I know we did.

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Happy Day
Tags: Gays
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