Bet Big and Double Down

Bet Big and Double Down
The scene starts with Chance looking for a hookup on the Internet; he agrees to meet with Richardo. Doug comes in Chance's apartment, they kiss and start making love. While they're at it, Richardo knocks on the door and they greet him in. They start a game of stripping; Richardo and Doug lose their clothes one by one. Once they're only left with boxers and a jockstrap, the two chubs start kissing and fondling each other's bodies. Doug sucks Richardo's dick; meanwhile Chance is watching the two chubs go at it, while jerking himself off. Then he joins the action, kissing Richardo's nipples and sucking Doug's dick. They share a 3-way kiss and then the action moves to the bed. Richardo lays on his back and Chance fucks him in the ass in the missionary position while holding his big legs in the air. Doug gets on the other side of the bed and kisses Richardo while he's getting fucked. Richardo turns over on his belly and Chance keeps fucking him, all the while kissing Doug and licking his nipples. In the end, the three guys lay on their back and masturbate until they shoot a nice load.

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Duration: 1:37:18
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Bet Big and Double Down
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