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Devin is the last of Mikes newest batch of recruits to get a chance to show off, but last certainly doesnt mean least. At 61 and 180 lbs., Devins packing all sorts of beefcake into that red tee hes sporting while Mike grills him for peral details. He flashes this adorable little half-smile as he tells us hes 20, hes from Kansas, and that he likes to go to the gym and play video games in his spare time. Hes raring to go so Mike leaves him be to get settled on the big bed and loosen up.
Devin starts rubbing his pecs, then his crotch, and engages in some friendly chitchat with Mike before stripping down to his undies. ‘You wanna show me that cock or what? Mike teases, and Devin flashes a grin that shows hes happy to oblige. His dicks a bit on the smaller side compared to the rest of him, but its hard not to be, because Devins a big bulky hunk with some really tasty biceps and pecs you just wanna fondle while he flexes.
Devin alternates swift strokes and rubbing his balls to get his dick nice and stiff, and then goes to town rubbing one out. Hes all smiles throughout his jack-off session, which is just great its always nice to see a guy in his element and having a great time. And when its from a love of sex, all the better!

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