SubbyHubby Megapack Videos 2015-2018, Part 1

SubbyHubby Megapack Videos 2015-2018, Part 1
Some men are meant to be submissive husbands and boyfriends, locked in chastity and turned into the kneeling, obedient, pathetic bitches they were born to be. The women at SubbyHubby know this and use it to their full advantage to get whatever pleasures they desire. These women love to teach their pets where their place is by showing them that they belong mere inches away while they get fucked by larger, better men. If they were not meant to be cuckolds, they wouldn't have been born with such tiny cocks! Finally they learn to satisfy their women in other humiliating ways like being impaled pieces of fuck-meat on the ends of their Goddess's strap-on dicks and left to be sissy maids to clean up after.

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