Elder Larsen and President Woodruff - Checked Up Part 2

Elder Larsen and President Woodruff - Checked Up Part 2
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Doctor Woodruff has an unconventional method to help his patients relax. But it works! Not only does the highly invasive procedure benefit the sexually-repressed Mormon boys who come to him for help, but the doctor himself gets a lot of pleasure out of it.
Whenever a Mormon missionary complains that he has trouble sleeping, or that the stress of being on a mission makes his heart race, or even that hes thinking of quitting and going home early, the doctor calmly puts a hand on his shoulder, tells him to drop his pants, and then opens him up with a graduated series of anal probes.
The last of these probes is so large that only a few, very special missionaries have been able to take them in their tight, young holes. And with the most willing of these missionaries, the president has now and then been able to pull out his own hard member, wet it with his spit, and finish the doctors visit by fucking the lucky young man silly.
Ever since Elder Larsen arrived in Doctor Woodruffs area, the doctor has been waiting for him to pay him a visit in his office. Hes beautiful, friendly, fit ” and something about him tells the older man that this young man will go all the way with him.
So when he sees on his chart that the young missionary is waiting in his examination room, he cant help but get a rock hard boner. He shifts his meaty cock in his Mormon underwear to hide the erection from the nurses and other doctors, then hurries to the room.
The sight of the nervous young man seated on his examination table makes Woodruffs dick leak a little.
Hi Elder, he says. What brings you in today?
Elder Larsen is lost for words for a second. He cant say what he really wants (for the doctor to strip him naked and use his body), so he searches for something else to say. Ive been really kind of anxious lately.
Doctor Woodruff smiles. Lets see if we can get to the bottom of whats making you anxious.
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Elder Larsen and President Woodruff - Checked Up Part 2
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