Dirty & Nasty

Dirty & Nasty
Release Year: 2010
Studio: Foerster Media (Rhein-Main-Gebiet)
Cast: Tim, David, Manuel, Matze, Fin, Daniel, Tim Sims, Dirk, Sven, Gregor, Marek, Sakan, Steven, Sebastian
Genres: Twinks,Anal, Oral, Rimming, Uncut Cocks, Big Cocks

The melting of the youth, the charm of the first time in front of a porn camera running through this two-hour film by Jean-Pierre Moulin. 14 amateurs vying for the best action. Conclusion: They are pretty filthy. Daniel is a very young boy who has retired to the woods alone. He sits on felled trees and dreams of sex with other guys. Was it the forest fairy him Fin, a blond cyclist sends? Fin wants to talk to Daniel, but says only "Shut up" and presses his face in his thick cucumber. In a clearing, in which both withdraw, then drop her jeans. Daniel sucking on pacifiers Fins. The shaved down to the last hair. Daniel gets Fins charge in the face. Manuel and Matze (cover pair) are also in the wild go. On a blanket at the edge of the forest they cuddle in her tryst and colorful t-shirts pull himself up. The dark-haired Manuel proves fantastic blowers who Piwi tail can swallow to the pubic hair. This can Matze not, but only because Manuel has no pubic hair. Its smaller peach ass is as blank a baby-Popo. Matze greedily licks his small hole before bespringt it without a condom. In a 69er dance the two guys suck empty. Manueles directly in Matzes mouth. Bareback in bath and bed A luxurious bath is Marek and Sakan for her first sex on camera. They dabble in rose petals foam and their stalks blow up. Marek relies also be tongue piercing to stimulate. He's a good wind. He showed a short time later, as he stood in Tirol for two blockbuster "Johnny Lee is cuming" and "Austrian Gigolos" on camera. He was fucked in a scene from two dicks at once. Here in the tub, it worried him Sakan without condoms from behind chasing Marek then a giant fountain face. Sven and Gregor drive it in a hotel room. Sven, a small precious Punk, sitting in an armchair, waiting until his lover emerges from the bathroom. Then he stuffs Gregor only the mouth, then the hole. All pure. At the height of the two occur almost simultaneously. Gregor swallows what he can get. Steven and Sebastian snuggle with a shared bathroom. The very young Sebastian, who has a slight Asian touch and wearing a fetish necklace, can be the nipple sucking and then biting at Stevens device. In bed they lick the same cock and ass. Sebastian gets three fingers of Steven to stretch. he is covered with a hard rubber tube - from behind forward. It smacks and slaps and placed. Entsaftungszeit between counter and bushes Tim and David seduced at the bar. David, a throaty boy with baseball cap on his head, the wind instrument starts. Tim clings to the bar, raise the right leg up and has David the way between his thighs. David is a fast-paced opener. He fucks with hard knocks. And then the surprise: he also holds out his can. Tim muste down even him from behind. Then Entsaftungszeit. In the forest's began, in the woods hears it on. The last pairing takes the audience back to nature. Tim Sims and Dirk meet while jogging and land Tightly entwined in the bushes. Tim, the senior guaranteed under the whippersnappers in the film, Dirks ineptly turnip and will then be blown itself. In standing he picks Dirks safe without a condom. Your cums squirt over his shoulder and face. And the winner of the youngster Parade: That's Steven and Sebastian!

Format: avi
Duration: 2:10:46
Video: 720x540, XviD, 1663kbps
Audio: 125kbps

File size: 1.7 GB

Dirty & Nasty
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