GoPro™ Otter FlipFlop

GoPro™ Otter FlipFlop
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So I've been playing around with my GoPro™ a little bit more and wanted to try filming a hookup with it to see what it would like. I hit up my neighbor Aiden because he's always down to fuck and I knew he had no hangups about being on video (Actually, if you're into him check out his cam shows on Cam4 and Xtube, they are certainly entertaining). Anyway, he had taken a monster cock on ItsGonnaHurt without flinching so I knew I could slam the fuck out of him which made him a great fit for this GoPro™ test run. I think its wicked hot when a guy can just lay there and take a hard dicking without any resistance or noise, it just motivates me even more to get a reaction out of their slutty ass. After working his hole for a healthy amount of time mine started to get a little jealous so I flipped and made him pound me out. Unlike my buddy, I cannot keep my dirty mouth shut or even try to stay still when I'm getting railed so you guys get both extremes with this fuck session. And let me know what you think about filming hookups with a GoPro™!

GoPro™ Otter FlipFlop
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