CM-Alec & Bay

CM-Alec & Bay
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Espen made quite a bit of progress in this video. It helped that Jerome is one of my best guys.
First, Espen looks great with his new haircut. He is only going to get more handsome as he matures. Jerome got a haircut the day before, I think he was looking sharp too.
Second, his skills really jumped in this video. Espen seems to have cock-sucking down as a legitimate skill. With his head resting on Jerome's abs, it was a much better angle for him to suck from.
Jerome plays a lot of attention to his hole, fingering it, and rimming him, trying to get him in the mood to be fucked.
And then Jerome got a little nervous when he saw how big Espen's cock was getting when he sucked him from soft to hard.
I told him his cock was no bigger than Easton's, the guy that took his cherry. Plus, he handled Vander's ample cock, So I knew he would be fine.
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CM-Alec & Bay
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