Henry Gives It To Steven

Henry Gives It To Steven
Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English

Since both Henry and Steven have proved themselves as capable to give as to take cock, I asked them what should we do today. Steven made no effort to hide his intentions - he wanted to be fucked by a big dick!
Flattered, Henry strove to give Steven a fucking he can remember - and reuse over and over again in his spank bank!
True to his word, Henry really gave Steven something to work with, fucking deeper than Steven thought possible! Shoving his dick all the way up Steven’s ass, Henry’s cock is fully stimulated by Steven’s tight hole. Eyes rolling backward, Henry knows he’s getting close and can feel Steven readying for an orgasm! Revving up to jackhammer pace when he sees Steven’s first drop of cum, Henry holds out till the last drop before he pulls out and blasts Steven with his load!

Henry Gives It To Steven
Tags: Gays
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