MaleFamilySecrets - Keeping Secrets in man's Bedroom!

MaleFamilySecrets - Keeping Secrets in man's Bedroom!
The boys are back at it and this time man means business. He calls his sons into his bedroom and tells them he needs them to do something for him, he needs them to kiss. man instructs the boys to undress each other and they start feeling each other up. They say they don’t like it, but man knows the truth. He starts pulling on his cock while he’s watching his boys fondle each other. He makes sure they can keep they’re terrible secret before making them get on the bed and rub their hard cocks together. Diego is having trouble keeping his cock hard his boy gives him a hand. man tells Gabriel to turn his boy over and shove his fingers deep into his boy’s ass. man starts humiliating Diego calling him gay and telling him he likes it. Does he? Gabriel sure does. He spits into his boy’s virgin ass and rubs his smooth dick all over it. Gabriel starts jerking off on top of his boy and Diego loves it. The boys cum all over each other and can’t help but to rub their cum covered cocks together. man makes sure that they’ll keep their secret safe between before telling them how disgusted he is with them and makes them leave his room

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MaleFamilySecrets - Keeping Secrets in man's Bedroom!
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