Collin Vol. 4

Collin Vol. 4
Studio: Military Classified

Todays release is a special release because Collin contacted me because of a Dui he got recently and needed to make money asap! It was about 11pm at night and my day was done but I, of course, can never pass up an opportunity like this one so I didnt have time to set up so Collin and I had an intimate session that made this shoot especially dirty. Watch as Rob licks and sucks Collin everywhere then bends over for this stud as he delivers his manhood!
There wasnt any interview or any of the normal banter back and forth that usually goes with my videos. Instead, we literally got down to business almost immediately which relaxed Collin because there wasnt any equipment set up to distract. It felt like we were just there alone. I sat him down on the bench and within minutes I was taking off his pants, then his shirt, until he was butt naked with a man tan and his cock flopping half hard.
Like a magnet I stuck to the tip of his cock and began sucking it and caressing it in my mouth until I could feel it getting hard. Within minutes Collin was rocking a major hard on with the most serious look on his face that told me he knew he was in for a good one tonite. I began to increase my speed to which I was attacking Collins cock and he began to squirm a little with a look on his face of amazement at the pleasure he was enduring.
After a good session of cock sucking and I mean both sitting and standing up because I had to have Collin do one of his face fucks to me because I love the way his ass moves when he fucks but more importantly I love to feel a nice fat dick down my throat as I literally choke. I slapped on the condom immediately after and thats when we got rockin to some major fucking and now i was the nervous one.
Collin is a stud to the true word and I havent met very many models who have Collins look, body, and attitude Hes really hot! The problem was that Collins big fat cock was too much to handle for me tonite and I had to suck off this boy to completion but the nut he busted was a nut to remember because even he was a little perplexed by that amazing orgasm Collin blew all over the place. What a beautiful mess!

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Collin Vol. 4
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