Joe Logan: Varsity Muscle

Joe Logan: Varsity Muscle
Studio: Musclehunks

From MuscleHunksJoe Logan is a college muscle man who loves working on his body. And hes discovered a new way to pay those mounting tuition bills. Yes Joe, people will pay money to watch you pose, flex your muscles, and jerk that nice cock of yours. Joes cock is uncut and it sports major overhang - foreskin lovers are going to go ape shit for his meat. And what a wicked cum shot! A burst of cum explodes from Joes cock and sails through the air and falling in a trail of a dozen pearled droplets across his ripped abs. Fucking awesome!From ManNetAlthough star athlete is definitely one role that Joe Logan has the chops for, hes also perfect for others: super hero, romance novel cover model, and all-around dreamboat, to name just a few.A lantern jaw, a strong, confident brow, raven hair, and intense eyes make Joes face appealing handsome (its undeniable that the camera loves him), but those assets are almost overshadowed by his buff body, a rock-hard landscape of impressive slopes, ridges and pumped-up hillsides thatll make you want to buy a one-way ticket to Loganville.Joes relationship with the camera is easy, and the stud takes advantage of the opportunity here to proudly show off his muscles, in several different settings and in different types of dress-slash-undress. His hair changes, varying from almost Fabio long to a short brush-cut. But once Joe starts to reveal his body, his tonsorial choices seem pretty unimportant.The opening scene is titled "Scenes from Joes Life." The daily routine for a guy like Joe involves posing in front of mirrors and flexing near a public fountain wearing only a skintight square-cut posing suit. Forget about getting to see Joe do something really mundane, like taking out the garbage (although he would undoubtedly look amazing while doing that, too).Segue to the shower, where the first glimpse of Joe in the altogether will make your heart skip a beat. Were given a glimpse of the dudes naked ass and shaven crotch early on, but its just a tasty appetizer for whats to come, a sizzling stroking session before a full-length mirror. That scene takes us on a journey of discovery, with Joes cock shown at rest (with a long foreskin that completely ensconces his cockhead) to full erection to dual jerk-offs to two massive climaxes.Footage of the mirrored solo jerk-off session is cut in with Joe reclining on a sofa, doing the same thing. His technique is as muscular as the rest of him, a go-for-broke stroke style that leads to big splatters of cum raining down on his tight torso in one scene and erupting all over the mirror in the other.After that double pop-shot -- trust me -- youre going to need a cool-down, and Joe provides just that. Scenes include Joe posing in see-through camouflage briefs, changing clothes in the locker room before working out, shaving his face wearing only a jockstrap, and (my favorite) romping on a beach wearing a tiny Day-Glo orange posing suit. Joe pushes the seat of the suit, what there is of it, down just below the globes of his bulging glutes to show them off (a favorite tactic -- or so it would seem, since Joe does it wearing everything from jeans to underwear in this production).That beach scene includes a segment that is especially memorable. In it, Joe lies on his stomach as waves wash over his body. After a while, seawater, sand and bits of seaweed collect in the deep crevice at the small of his back, making for one very sexy tidal pool.Joe goes back to the shower for his next solo performance, bringing his standing erection to another explosive cum-shot, a blast that flies across the tub and hits the tiles on the opposite wall -- Joe is one stud whose powerful body is equally matched by his powerful cock.The remainder is a montage of Joes performances, with additional footage of one very hot, all naked (and with a raging erection) pose-down a spectacular highlight.One last thing: although hes very sparing with it, Joe has a grin that lights up the screen. He favors us with it only once, after he cums in the shower. Some advice: Joe, baby, you should smile more often -- youre gorgeous.

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Joe Logan: Varsity Muscle
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