Natalia Forrest Chastity Babes, 48 hour vaginal plug challenge

Natalia Forrest Chastity Babes, 48 hour vaginal plug challenge
It’s been almost a year since we saw our popular chastity babe Natalia Forrest! But she is still the second most featured girl (after Donna) on this website.
I have put her through some incredible Challenges, including a 5 day full chastity Deal! She tried almost every category on this site: a vaginal plug, full chastity challenge, shocks, and much more! She complains a lot and says she will never do it again, but she always returns. She just needs a lot of cash to pay for her expensive lifestyle, so once in a while I get an email from her to inform if there’s another Challenge she can take.
As it happens, a lot of members (and myself) are curious if it is possible to wear a plug for a few days without any breaks. How will it affect a girl’s mind? Will she be feeling it all the time? Will she get turned on? Can she sleep? What about going to the toilet? Is any of this really possible? So many questions and only one way to find out: I just had to lock Natalia Forrest in a plugged chastity belt for 48 hours and see what would happen.
I visited Natalia’s house with my gear and told her to lock it onto herself. You have requested more on-screen locking, so here we go: Natalia has enough experience to lock herself in the tight chastity bra and the plugged chastity belt. It took some time, but she did it! She handed me the keys, as the reality of the situation set in. ‘It feels so funny…’, Natalia said in a hesitant voice, ‘I need to take it off!’. No way, just try to get used to it! If you want your cash, you will have to do the full 48 hours without any breaks!!

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