Trophy Wife Spanish Mistress Amarna Miller, Lady Frye

Trophy Wife Spanish Mistress Amarna Miller, Lady Frye
Release Year: 2018

You walk in on your wife making out with some woman. She acts very casual about it, and reminds you that you've already met. This is Amarna, the lady you both met on vacation in Barcelona. She reveals that she & Amarna have kept in contact over the past year, and she invited her here so that you could all have a threesome. You've always wanted to have a threesome, so you put aside your shock & decide to join in. It's amazing having two hot redheads doing you in every way possible. So many positions to try, and they aim to please. You can't believe your wife is being this cool. You're all having so much fun, and you're sure this is the best day of your life. Amarna suggests trying something really kinky & your cock twitches. What else could she possibly do to you? She wants to try restricting your breath, says it makes the orgasm so much more intense. You agree, and they put a pillow on your face for a couple seconds. She's right, it's fun. So they do it again, longer this time. Little do you know they're weakening you. As you begin struggling, your wife explains that she & Amarna have fallen in love & are going to run off together, but they want the kind of life that only your money can afford them. And you just don't factor into the equation. You'll have to "go". They put the pillow over your face one last time, and you think how odd it is that two tiny short women can be so strong. Amarna keeps fucking you while you struggle, and you can't help but come inside her. You had no idea that the best day of your life would be your last.

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Trophy Wife Spanish Mistress Amarna Miller, Lady Frye
Tags: 2018
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