HarleyLaVey - Hotter Than Her In Anything

HarleyLaVey - Hotter Than Her In Anything
Release Year: 2018

It doesn't matter what I wear, I'm drop gorgeous in anything. I could wear a paper bag, just wake up, or even sit here reading a book and I would get your cock rock hard.Your old ball and chain however, has to try and try and try and she can't get your motor running like me. I can sit here in my pajamas and get your dick going just by showing the shape of my body and my filthy mouth. She doesn't even come close to me, I'm everything that you want and fantasize about. When you fuck her at night you'll be thinking about me and my perfect body. Watch me tease you and show you my delicious figure as you stroke to my hot tight young body.

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HarleyLaVey - Hotter Than Her In Anything
Tags: 2018
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