Long Deployment Vol. 2

Long Deployment Vol. 2
Studio: Active Duty

Barrett, Hops and Damien Hanging Out
Barrett Long, Hops and Damien are all hanging out at the house. Damien is scared shitless because Ive been telling him for the last two days how huge the fucking cock is that hes gonna be taking soon. I mean Ive never seen someone so terrified in all my life. It was actually funny because I knew for a fact that he was making things a lot worse on himself than they actually were, but I must admit I was having fun teasing him about it even holding up a Pringles potato chip can and telling him it was about that size. So, I invite over Hops who has only done one video, Twin Soldiers 2 so he could help us get Damien broke in good to take Barretts huge meat. Hops is his usual crazy self and we chat back and forth about his busted knuckles that he somehow had let hit some other guys head the night before. "You should see the other guys grill" he says holding up his skinned knuckles to the camera. I pick on him about always causing havoc. I accuse him of punching a wall just to have a story to tell. Barrett is sitting on the couch next to Damien and his cock is already out and hard. Hops is stroking and Damien is as well. I bullshit with Barrett and Damien a little before we get the action started. Damien looks over at Barretts cock and I ask him if hes up for the challenge. Damien says "yeah you got the paramedics available just in case?"

Hops Gets Damien Primed Up
Hops is stroking his hard cock and looks over at Damien and says why dont you get over here and get things started. Hops starts fucking Damiens hot, wet mouth and moaning like hell as Damien gives him some of his best cocksucking skills. Hops is fucking his mouth hard as he raises his hips up from the chair and crams his fat cock down the twinks throat. All the while Barrett is stroking his huge fat cock over to the side. Hops is really enjoying Damiens hot mouth as he breathes hard and pumps it in his throat faster and faster. Hops is checking out Barretts huge meat as Damien works his meat. Damien has learned a few tricks along his journey here at Active Duty and hes showing them to Hops as he drives Hops up the wall with his oral skills.

Damien Latches On To Barretts Monster While Hops Watches and Instructs
Hops has been watching Barrett stroke his big cock all this time and now he wants to see the twink suck on it while he watches and strokes his meat. He tells Damien to go get on that big dick and Damien obeys. Damien wraps his hand and mouth around the huge meat and goes to town giving it some oral attention. Hops watches and says shit like "Yeah suck that big dick" as Barrett talks shit as well. Damien is handling the monster quite nicely as Hops enjoys the show. Hops says "Why dont we take this pretty boy back to the bedroom and give him that big cock." Barrett agrees with "Yeah lets go fuck him." and Damien responds with a heated "yeah!"

Barrett And Hops Take The Twink To The Bedroom For Some Real Fun
In the bedroom, Damien keeps sucking Barretts huge cock while Hops pushing and guides his head down on the monster and strokes his own cock in unison. All the while, Hops is talking shit to Damien as he sucks the big meat that is about to fuck his ass hard. But first, Hops is gonna get his, too. Hops grabs Barretts big dick and strokes half of it while Damien sucks the other half. Hops seems to be enjoying playing with such a big piece of meat. Meanwhile, Damien goes back to Hops cock and sucks it while Hops strokes Barrett. Hops says "this is a fuckin workout feel like Im on a ski machine" lol. Damien must be doing just as good a job as he did back in the bedroom cause Hops is breathing all hard again. Its apparent that Hops is really turned on right now and Damien isnt missing a beat on his cock.

Hops Is The First To Do The Honors
Hops tells Damien, "Why dont you bend over the bed right there and suck this big cock while I fuck that ass for you." Damien says it sounds like a good idea to him and gets himself in position for Hops to bang his ass while he sucks Barrett. Hops gets into Damiens tight hole slowly but surely and eventually hes balls deep plowing it good while Barrett stuffs Damiens mouth full of his dick. "Pretty boy likes this shit" Hops says as Damien moans while Hops crams his ass full of his fat meat. Damiens ass is perfectly positioned so Hops can plow it good and the camera gets a good view of all the action. These are some really hot fucking shots of our Toy Soldier getting his fuckhole plowed out. Damien starts sucking and stroking Barrett hard and fast as Hops does the same to his tight ass. Hops throws Damiens left leg in the air and bangs him sideways nice and hard as Damien licks and sucks on Barretts meat. Barrett laughs as he listens to Damien moan and groan and wonders what the fuck the little twink will do when its his turn to plow that ass.

Its All Ready For Barrett Longs Huge Meat..Deploy The Weapon Of Ass Destruction
Hops says hes ready to watch Damien take Barretts huge fucking dick and tells Barrett its all broke in for him. Barrett wastes no time getting himself in position to devour the young, tight hole. "Just breath and relax." he tells Damien as he begins cramming all the fat, hard meat in his freshly fucked hole. Hops holds Damiens legs above his head and strokes his cock while Barrett makes his initial insertion. Hops has opened Damien up nicely and Barrett begins to slide every inch of his fat meat into our toy wonder. Damien is taking the huge cock like a champ in no time as Hops fucks his face and holds his legs. Things get a little rough as Barrett slams balls deep into Damiens hot ass. Damien isnt complaining though hes taking it like a pro. Barrett rears back, winks at the camera and slams his huge meat all the way into Damiens ass several times over as Damien licks and sucks the fat cock in front of him as Hops talks shit to him. Barrett plows him long and hard and finally pulls his huge cock out and shoots his big, juicy load all over Damiens stomach, chest and face.

Hops Goes In Once More To Work Out His Load
Hops decides he wants some more of that tight young ass and plows back in to get his load. Damien is hard as a rock by now and strokes himself while Barrett slaps his face with his fat cock and Hops plows his ass deep. Damien is taking this fucking good and Hops says his ass is clinching around his cock. Hops cant take much more of this good as and he pulls out to stroke his load all over Damien and what a fucking load it is. Huge, creamy load all over the twink boy. Damien has been used like he likes to be by two big dicked men.

Scene 2: Elijah And Hops Break In Newbie Jonathan
We all know what a character ol Elijah is from watching his many antics on both AD LIVE as well as his many videos. In this scene I throw him on the bed with a newbie, Jonathan. This was actually Jonathans first scene ever (it was shot before his scene in Platoon Party 3) and I put Elijah in with him to see what Elijah can stir up. Much to my surprise, Jonathan is more than willing and eager to go and he ends up just kinda waiting on Elijah to make the first move. You can see the intensity building as he and Elijah chat back and forth. Elijah gets up to go find me, but Jonathan pulls out a hard cock to get the action started. What a hot fucker Jonathan is. This guy is so fucking sexy. I tell Elijah that someone else is on the way and once Ive left the room he looks at Jonathan and says "I wonder whos coming over". This initial conversation is priceless as we listen to Elijah reasons with Jonathan about the ins and outs of making good videos.

Jonathan Gives Elijah A Run For His Money
Ol Jonathan is ready and willing and hes hanging right in there with Elijah who is taking him through the moves. Elijah reaches over and starts stroking Jonathans rock hard cock and Jonathan is really liking this. Elijah starts playing with Jonathans nipples while he strokes his cock, licking and sucking them. The look on Jonathans face in response to this new sensation is priceless. Elijah is obviously very pleased with his playmate. You can see the desire in his eyes as he plays with the big cock in his hand. Elijah is horny and he wants whats in his hand very badly. Jonathan reaches over and starts stroking Elijahs cock, too. This is so fucking hot to watch as these two get very comfortable with each other. The pent up tension and desire is enough to send you right over the edge even before the major action gets started. In a matter of a minute, Elijah is going down on Jonathan and sucking him good while Jonathan throws his head back in . Jonathan is loving this attention. "Have you ever had your asshole licked?" asks Elijah. "Not that I can say" Jonathan replies. Elijah gets him in position to lick his ass with Jonathan straddled over his face. Elijah sucks and licks the hot ass in front of him as he tells Jonathan, "wow, youve got a nice ass." Elijah goes back to sucking Jonathans fat meat before he turns the reins over to Jonathan who latches on to Elijahs hammer hard cock and sucks it like a pro. Elijah is moaning with pleasure as Jonathan makes love to his cock. What a sight to behold. This rough, tough Marine is really getting into the business of sucking cock.

Hops Joins The Party
While Jonathan continues to make love to Elijahs cock, Hops walks in the room with his hard cock in his hand and starts talking shit to the boys. I notice that when Hops enters the room, Jonathans cock seems to get harder and harder until its standing at full attention at the prospect of another playmate. Hops goes up behind Jonathan and starts stroking his cock from behind as Jonathan sucks Elijah and Hops stroked his own cock. In no time flat, Hops is on the bed between the boys with Jonathan sucking his cock. "Get down on that shit, Rookie" Hops tells Jonathan. Before you can say "damn thats hot as fuck" the two boys have ol Hops throwing his head back in complete delight. Hes loving the attention of these two cocksuckers as they share his fat meat. Hops jerks Jonathans cock while the boys service his cock. Hops comments several times on the sheer talent of his cocksucking team. Elijah takes the balls while Jonathan handles the cock. Watching these two hotties work such a fine piece of meat is so hit. They are literally making love to it as Elijah licks the shaft and balls while Jonathan concentrates on the tip. Hops starts playing with Elijahs sexy little ass, rubbing the cheeks and fingering the hole.

Hops Fucks Elijahs Hungry Hole
After the cocksucking of his life, Hops is ready for some hole. He bends Elijah over the bed while Elijah sucks Jonathans cock and begins plowing Elijah long and deep. Jonathan is watching the action while Elijahs pays his hard cock close attention with his hot mouth. Elijah has both of his hot holes filled now and hes right at home. Elijah is loving the fat cock in his ass as he makes love to the fat cock in front of him. Hes moaning with pleasure and Hops is too. Hops is liking the tight ass hes cramming full of cock tonight. As Hops fucks him faster and faster, Elijah sucks the cock in front of him harder and harder as he starts fingering Jonathans asshole while he sucks his hard meat. Hops takes the camera and gets some hot shots of all the action from his point of view. Hops flips Elijah over on his back and starts pounding him hard as Jonathan positions himself over Elijahs face. Elijah sucks and licks Jonathans balls while Hops bangs him hard. Elijahs asshole is spread wide and hes loving it. Hops is about to cum and Elijah looks up just as he blows his fat load all over Elijahs stomach. Thick, creamy, gooey jizz covers Elijah in pools. Jonathan cant resist the chance to play in the hot jizz as he reaches down and rubs it in all over Elijah as Elijah strokes out his own hot load and Jonathan works his up at the same time. Jonathan is the next to blow his huge load as he tells Elijah, "Yeah you ready for this hot load? Yeah. Im coming all over you." as he shoots a big, hot load all over Elijahs chest and rubs it in, mixing it in with Hops load. What a hot fucking sight. Lord somebody get me a fan. Elijah is so fucking horny right now hes about to explode as he moans and groans as the hot cum covers his entire chest and stomach. Elijah blows his load and it mixes in with his two playmates hot loads as he licks the last of the cum from Jonathans cock and takes a finger running it through the hot mixture of cum on him and crams the finger up his hot, freshly fucked ass.

Bonus Solo Of Hops In His Dress Blues
Hops stops by my house on his way to a Marine Corp Ball. He leaves his girl out in the truck while he comes in alone to fulfill a promise to me. A few days prior he had promised to stop by and jerk off in his dress blues for me. We talk shit and its right down to business. Hops is ready as he says his "hoes are outside buffing his truck" he buffs his cock for us. He moves around to cover every angle and what a hot solo this is. Hops is so hot and when you put him in dress blues hes even hotter than ever. We get a good look at every inch of this hot Italian/Puerto Rican mix as he shows off for us alone. He blows a huge load for us and dresses in a hurry to get back to his date that is waiting out in the truck and head to the Marine Corp Ball.

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Long Deployment Vol. 2
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