Jason Edging Fuck Session (1080p)

Jason Edging Fuck Session (1080p)
Cast: Jason
Genres: condom, chest hair, tattoos

Beefcake Jason has been out of state for work most of this year but as soon he landed in Florida he got in touch with the hot line of BeefCakeHunter Land, and that is how this Jason edging fuck session was made possible.

I was so excited and happy to see Beefcake Jason again, it feels like ages since the last time I put my warm mouth on his delicious cock. He also seems to be missing BeefCake Hunter home sweet home.

All that time being away from us has made him a little anxious about the whole thing, and that is how the Jason edging fuck session went down, allow me to explain Hunters.

As always, I wanted to start a nice, long and enthusiastic service to this handsome man, but he asked me that after the chat we should jump to the fuck scene, and leave the blowjob for later, since he was afraid to cum too soon if we start with the oral scene…… I know, I know, I am that good, just kidding, he was a little nervous.

I granted his request without any other warm up for myself, but I won’t lie, his cock was hard as a rock and the pounding couldn’t be hotter, this was the most pleasurable fuck that Beefcake Jason has given me!

A few minutes after he started dicking me down, he was ready to cum, but somehow, he managed to control it. Afraid of having too little footage I encouraged him to continue all the time. It was so cute how he was speaking in Spanish while this was going on, ohh you did not know that Jason speaks Spanish? If you did, you are truly Beefcake Jason’s fan!

Despite the risk of him cumming too soon, I switch to different positions, not only because that was the plan from the beginning, but also to see if that would help him, but the missionary position proven to be the hardest for him to hold his jizz. Poor thing, he did his best, and maybe I was too demanding, but the result was a long, worthy fuck session, where we can enjoy so many hot attributes of this sexy man.

By the time he went to the couch to be serviced, I knew two things, it wouldn’t take long to squeeze that milk out of his cock, and that wit wouldn’t be as much as it was at the beginning, he half came on more than one occasion while fucking me, if you pay more attention to the condom when he pauses, you will see it.
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Jason Edging Fuck Session (1080p)
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