MormonBoyz - Elder Holland - The Sacrament - 1080p

MormonBoyz - Elder Holland - The Sacrament - 1080p
Every time Elder Holland encountered Bishop Angus, he found himself completely in awe of the man’s powerful physical presence.

It was a little over a year ago that Elder Holland realized he was drawn to the smooth, slender teenage boys serving alongside him as missionaries.

Bishop Angus, of course, couldn’t be more different.

The bishop was always very friendly and inviting to the missionaries. He had regular meetings with the young boys and had a reputation for getting the missionaries to feel very comfortable during their interviews.

And the young men would certainly get quite comfortable despite his probing and personal questions.

Elder Holland never had the chance to meet privately with Bishop Angus. Still, he’d frequently fantasized about the beefy leader, imagining what it would be like to be dominated by someone as hairy and muscular as him.

Bishop Angus was not ignorant of Holland’s watchful eye. Despite the fact that he interacted with missionaries on a daily basis, he had similarly been following the boy’s behavior and activities.

The brethren shared accounts of their interactions with the missionaries and Angus had heard of the Elder Holland’s impressive cock and equally large appetite for sex. The bishop felt he’d waited long enough and that it was time to substantiate those reports…

Elder Holland made his way into the temple, having received the official notice from the Order. He was accustomed to being summoned by the brethren and having no idea for what or with whom.

He was directed to a large, white room where he sat on a couch and waited.

When Bishop Angus walked in, he couldn’t believe his luck!

Bishop Angus walked up to him dressed in an all-white suit, practically glowing in both style and expression. The tailored outfit hugged his broad body, indicating his masculine frame and strength. He sat down next to the visibly excited missionary, wasting no time by leaning in for a kiss.

Holland completely embraced the beefy man, grabbing at his large arms while Angus ran his hairy hands over the boy’s body and crotch. Even through his pants, Angus could feel the substantial mass of the boy’s hardening cock.

Bishop Angus prepared the daybed, but before Holland could lie back Angus drew the boy close by his tie, leading him like a leashed pet. They shared a lustful look and Angus began to undress Holland.

Angus stood up, looking down on his blond companion as he unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his garments.

Holland stood up and met Angus’ face, pressing his lips against his. Angus returned the kiss, skilfully unbuckling the boy’s belt with one free hand, causing his pants to drop down to the floor. He looked down briefly, getting his first sight of the sexy, stripped boy.

The bearded stepped back and began to undress himself, desperate to feel his skin against Holland’s. He removed his jacket and pants as Holland eagerly watched on.

Just as the older man was about to remove his tie, Holland cleverly grabbed at it just as Angus had done before, pulling him close for a kiss.

Angus was impressed with the boy’s confidence. He smiled to himself and kissed Holland back. As their tongues wrestled, Angus’ hands similarly wrapped all around the boy’s body. He could feel that Holland was strong and athletic, tight and sinewy with young muscles.

Elder Holland broke free from Angus’ tight hold to remove his shirt, undressing the muscular man down to his garments. He could see his white top pull and stress around his bulging chest and biceps, struggling to keep the hulk of man inside.

The two men continued to disrobe, slipping off their magic underwear and giving themselves over to their carnal desires. Piece after piece, they took in the sight of their nakedness, each instantly hungry for the other’s body.

Bare fleshed and hard, Elder Holland’s cock stuck out of his body like a missile. Bishop Angus could hardly resist his urges, leaning the boy back on the daybed. He grabbed the boy’s swollen penis in his furry hand and firmly wrapped his mouth around it.

Holland lied back, closing his eyes and luxuriating the feeling of this man sucking him off. In all his fantasies, he’d always imagined being on his knees, completely subservient to the muscular bishop. And as much as he still longed for the man to dominate him, he felt a building desire to fuck him instead.

The young man leaned forward and guided Angus onto the couch, placing him on all fours with his ass in the air. Holland’s eyes widened, completely enamoured with the round, muscular, furry backside the bishop displayed.

Elder Holland gleefully spread the man’s cheeks apart, revealing his tight, tasty, pink hole. Holland pressed his face deep inside, bringing his tongue against the muscular bear’s sphincter, licking it slowly as it clenched on the tip. Mouth watering, the horny boy rimmed the bishop deeper and faster, getting it wetter and warmer with each impassioned taste.

Bishop Angus moaned quietly into the cushion, enraptured by the feeling of this young boy making out with his hole. He hadn’t considered it before, but he could feel now that he wanted this boy inside him. He wanted to be filled with Holland’s giant cock.

Holland could feel Angus opening up to him. His cock was practically leaking imagining the large, muscular bubble butt taking him deep. The young man turned the bishop onto his back, pushing his legs up toward his barrel chest. He stroked his hard cock, readying for insertion, but first leaning in to kiss Angus once more.

Angus kissed back. Holland grinded his erection against Angus’, humping out pre-cum between them. With their lust boiling over, the bishop handed the boy a bottle of consecrated oil from beside the daybed.

Elder Holland lubed up his throbbing penis, taking a moment, too, to massage some of the slick liquid against the bishop’s hot, hungry hole.

He moved himself closer, pressing the head of his erection against the pulsating center of Angus’ ass. And with a slow movement forward, skillfully arching himself closer, he felt the bishop open up and take him inside.

Bishop Angus grabbed his meaty thighs, keeping his legs up high as Holland made his was deeper and deeper into his body. His muscular chest moved up and down as he took deep, full breaths to ease the young boy in.

He was amused by how well the boy’s massive cock dominated his powerful body. He watched as the boy got lost inside him, pounding him faster and harder. Angus opened himself up more with each thrust, eager to feel the young boy shoot his load inside…

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MormonBoyz - Elder Holland - The Sacrament - 1080p
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