Tyger Films - Tyger Tales

Tyger Films - Tyger Tales
Tyger Tales is a pre-condom semi-classic from Sierra Pacific's Tyger Films. There's nothing super-special here, but it's definitely worth seeing for some of the hunky cast. Steve Wright (on the back cover) is not one of them. He narrates this thing - he goes on and on in his best mid-'80s sextalk about the hot guys in the hotel/B&B he's staying in. With his game-show host smile and Farrah-esque hair, I was turned off instantly.

However, the first scene turned it all around. nag-donged coverman Chad Douglas is cruised by a barely-dressed Pierce Daniels in a neighboring apartment. Although the scene's sound was idiotically dubbed in for some reason, the sex itself (while relatively vanilla) was hot as sin. Nice shots of the two sweating and Pierce taking Chad's schlong with great aplomb all the way to the root. The no-condom buttslam had me jacking hard.

Blond semi-hairy stud Cole Carpenter has a scene with another younger lad that starts off slow, but by the time the camera is focusing on Cole's face (making it seem like he's fucking the viewer) I was all into it again. The blonde hair on his hole and forearms was a great turn-on, too. A few lame-o scenes rear up, but the threeway with Jon King was smokingly yummy. (Man, he was a hottie!) Flick ends with a phone-sex type of call, as Steve, in full "dirty" talk mode again, jacks his sack and blows seed. I really don't like him. Sorry.

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Tyger Films - Tyger Tales
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