Goddess Harley

Goddess Harley
Cast: Goddess Harley.
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You know since you have such a hard time, having to deal with all these changes in your life. I’m going to help you. What we are going to do here is quite easy. Even for something like you. You are going to repeat after me.
So tell me, repeat after me, I don’t have any purpose in life. Yes keep saying it loser. We both know that’s true. Say it another 10 times. I really need to print this into your brain.
Now I want you to say this: I’m a loser, and I don’t deserve any human rights. I want you to say this for 15 times.
Exactly, it seems you are finally starting to realize it. You couldn’t do this on your own, so thank me failure. Thank me for dehumanizing you. Give me all the worship that I deserve.
You see, you need someone to put you in your loser place.
Now you’re gonna wear this dawg collar so that you understand that this new life is all that you deserve. I’m looking forward to everyone laughing at my new humiliated dawg on his leash… but there is even something more delicious that I am looking forward to. I’m really going to have such an enormous satisfaction when the day comes where people stop laughing because they’ve seen you a dozen times and they all just accept you as a brain damaged sub-human. You will feel their pity and dismissiveness of your humanity and then your dehumanization will reach a whole new level in your tiny brain. You will be completely broken and you will be so broken and dehumanized that you won’t even think of yourself as deserving to walk on two legs.

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Goddess Harley
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