Whatever Turns Ya On - Vol. 1 - (1972 Year)

Whatever Turns Ya On - Vol. 1 - (1972 Year)
One of the best examples of early gay fetish films, Whatever Turns Ya On is a slow-build, but worth the trip. Featuring a sculpted Jim Cassidy performing some eyebrow-raising (and dick-hardening) acts, this film will appeal to fans of fetish, but also has enough vanilla candy to be a hit with the less adventurous crowd. If anything, the last scene of the film is worth the price of admission as Jim Cassidy and an uncredited blond beefcake take their sweet time pumping and humping to a sticky end. The scenes and sound have been cleaned up to the point where you can imagine yourself watching it from the middle row of an adult theater pulling your pud with a bud. Yeah! Early adult gay cinema saw a lot of directors take risks with material, like Jack Deveau’s Drive and its insane mix of drag queens, hedonistic sex and psychedelic plot twists. “Whatever Turns Ya On” takes different risks – more sexual, and less arty – featuring pissplay, bondage and fisting all warped into one film. Using the “movie within a movie” mise-en-abîme, Lewis tries to tell the story of two amateur porn makers (Cassidy, Laurent) who just completed their first flick. I say “tries” because the story is barely there, giving the film only the hint of structure.

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Whatever Turns Ya On - Vol. 1 - (1972 Year)
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