Kiss Today Goodbye

Kiss Today Goodbye
Release Year: 1976
Studio: P.M. Productions
Cast: George Payne, Lew Seager, David Savage, Michael , Mark Hamilton, Kurt Mann, Firth Demule, Ben Dover, R. Casino
Genres: Plot Based, Anal, Oral, Hairy Men, Threesome, Vintage
Video language: English

Kiss Today Goodbye is a plot heavy melodrama that has been unearthed after decades of sitting on a shelf somewhere. Most of the dialogue is done in voice over, but the stuff that isn’t was obviously dubbed in later making the already bad acting seem like torture. The cover art on the box calls George Payne "one of the most handsome and virile stars of the of the '80s." Payne is definitely handsome and virile, in a Mac Davis kind of way. And he's pretty much the highlight in an otherwise pretty weak movie. The plot hinges on the Payne character: a New York construction worker who lives in the village with his queeny boyfriend. Payne meets a married businessman in the city and the two fall in love. The obstacles are Payne’s girlfriend - uhhh boyfriend and the businessman’s nagging wife. Does love conquer? Do you care? Do you want to hear watered down versions of seventies adult contemporary ballads while watching nelly guys sucking sometimes hard/sometimes limp dicks?

Okay, so you are asking yourselves, "what is the upside?" Well, the upside is that this flick was made before condoms were used in porn. (It was also made before the invention of the cookie-cutter gym bred porn twink, so take that into consideration, too.) So, yeah, the guys fuck without condoms. Does it make a difference? Not in this flick

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Duration: 59:36
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Kiss Today Goodbye
Tags: Gay Retro
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