Kellan Hartmann fucks Price Hogan's asshole (720p)

Kellan Hartmann fucks Price Hogan's asshole (720p)
Cast: Kellan Hartmann, Price Hogan
Genres: anal, oral, condom

After getting just a taste of what our hot men have to offer, Kellan Hartmann is back for more and this time, he wants Price Hogan all to himself. This hookup happened after they had already got a taste of each other when Rico Vega joined them in an intense threesome (check that scene out if you haven't).

However, Kellan specifically had eyes for Price. Nothing against Rico, Price was just more his type. Now that Kellan had Price without any distractions what would he do with him? You better believe he is going to be fucking that tight, pink, teen hole on our All-American boy, Price Hogan. But beyond just fucking, Kellan knew he was going to appreciate every inch of sexy, blue-eyed Price.

What you won't see coming, is the intense, pent-up desire between these two hot young men. It's always fun to see a pairing like this when the two guys are exploring their sexual curiosity's. You can tell that they think each other are attractive, but have no idea just how strong the sexual desire is yet as well.

All it takes is that first kiss and they let their emotions go and just follow the pleasure. Can't go wrong doing that, right fellas?

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Duration: 23:49
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Kellan Hartmann fucks Price Hogan's asshole (720p)
Tags: Gays
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