Elder Foster and Elder Peterson - Workover Exchange Part 2

Elder Foster and Elder Peterson - Workover Exchange Part 2
Studio: Mormonboyz

Elder Peter can feel Elder Fosters Mormon missionary cock throbbing inside him. He didnt think serving a mission could be so hot.
Serving a Mormon mission means being out in the world, alone with with your companion wherever you are sent. Elder Foster is away from his family and church congregation, and this actually provides him some freedom to explore“more than he expected.
Usually, companions keep each other in check and away from temptation. But when a missionary has a companion who is just as curious, some hot missionary on missionary action is inevitable.
Elder Peters warm ass wraps tightly around Elder Fosters cock; Elder Foster moans in pleasure. Hes only had his dick in two asses, and the second feels as amazing as the first.
Elder Foster flips Elder Peter onto his back and firmly inserts his dick into the pale-skin boy. He loves seeing his darker dick thrust in and out of Elder Peters beautiful pink hole.
The harder he thrusts, the more his companions face and moans betray how much he enjoys it. Hearing his companion quietly ask him to thrust harder and faster drives Elder Foster wild with lust.
He starts bucking against Elder Peters hole with the energy of a teenager who has just discovered sex. Elder Peter looks ecstatic as Foster slams into him.
Elder Foster can feel his balls getting heavy, and he feels the hot tingling sensation building in his body. He knows his heavy balls are ready to unload, and he pulls out briefly so he can watch the cum shoot out of his dick.

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Elder Foster and Elder Peterson - Workover Exchange Part 2
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